Alazani Valley: Semi-Sweet Georgian Wine

Alazani Valley: Semi-Sweet Georgian Wine

Alazani Valley: Semi-Sweet Georgian Wine

Alazani Valley: Semi-Sweet Georgian Wine

Meet the pride and joy of glorious Georgia – wines of Alazani Valley! The drink was created in the rich soils of Kakheti – the heart of Georgian wine industry. This is the area of the oldest variety of grapes that were cultivated in the valleys of hospitable Alazani River. The old classic recipe of red wine consists in Mudzhuretuli and Alexandrouli, Saperavi and Odzhalehsi grapes. Thus, Tsolikauri, Tetra and Rkatsiteli grapes are masterfully combined for semi-sweet flavor of white brand wine.

Taste of Natural Wine

Nevertheless, Alazani Valley secret is not just favorable geographic location or successfully cultivated grapes of red and white types. It is all about the efficient combination of old Georgian recipes and newest technologies, combined together to support the highest quality of the drink.

The wine history facts of Georgian industry proclaimed Alazani Valley the pearl of natural wines, the pride of Georgian winemakers and priority winner of prestigious competitions and wine tasting. The color of drink varies from light-yellow to light-magenta, ruby and raspberry-red with deep purple glittering inside. The taste is rich, masterfully-balanced with the soft flavors of berries and juicy fruits. The bouquet is sensual, ready to captivate the audience at first try.

The balanced afterglow of Alazani Valley is crucial for food and wine pairing. Looking for something special to your apple pie, soufflé, fruits, desserts, meat dishes and hot spicy sauces, consider the semi-sweet Georgian wine heritage!

Semi-Sweet Wines in US

US is a potentially growing export area for Georgian wine sales. The increased number of active marketing events in the USA contributes to developing the competitive ability of Georgian drinks in the world markets. The list of worthy wines becomes bigger every year. You can learn their names and buy a bottle or two online for your special occasions and family picnics. Every wine boasts its own inimitable style – unique and spirited.

Sylite wine on-line store offers two options for Alazani Valley red/white semi-sweet wine:

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