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Summary: The Cellar in the city Napareuli is a vineyard where grapes are grown and the wine is made and stored. It is called 'Twins Wine Cellar' in honor of the two brothers, who are considered owners and founders. Each year, the place receives many visitors and tourists.

Gia and Gela Gamtkitsulashvili are the owners of the place, in whose honor the place was named. It really is a real monument of history: at the entrance there is a unique monument, which is created in the shape of qvevri. Visitors are able to study it better, being able to enter it and see what is inside.

Gia and Gela are pioneers in qvevri production. In 1994, they have created and opened a first facility on the territory of modern Georgia, where the famous qvevri was poured into bottles for sale. Now the qvevri has many of these handmade pitchers, they all contain good house wine, which is aged in accordance with all the rules, and conditioned in the underground storage. In the large hall, there are 50 bowls, and the small hall has 15 vessels of different sizes. The place also has 107 handmade bottles of qvevri.

Entertainment for the guests

Their establishment is very popular among tourists. It has a national restaurant with traditional Georgian dishes. The large room is built and decorated in a traditional style. During the harvest season, the vineyard is open to the public and everyone is hard at work: the tourists can see how neat and clean everything is.

A visit to the TWC is great. There are not a lot of places where you can see live manufacturing process adhering to the ancient recipes. One can visit all year round. An observation deck is on the second floor, offering a wonderful view. Guests can try to take part in the processing of raw materials and learn how to:

  • bake traditional Georgian tortillas
  • make khinkali
  • learn what is a sweet churchkhela

The museum exhibition

A museum with a large number of interesting exhibits was recently opened here. Various exhibits are on the walls, with qvevris. One of them is made in the form of a viewing window, so you can see what is happening inside – red qvevri wine during fermentation. In addition, you can see the process of creation of the clay vessels.

Vine field

There are more than 20 hectares of fields, overgrown with vineyard. In addition to grapes from winery, they sell fresh grapes. The production volume is at least 300,000 bottles. Not all grapes are located in the immediate vicinity. Many of them are a few kilometers from the TWC. But there are some varieties of grapes, which are located just behind it (Saperavi).
After collecting, the raw material is placed under the press. A juice released in the process of crushing grapes, comes in handy for making Chacha.

Production of the beverage

The manufacturing process is filled with various rituals, survived through time. The process begins with the purification of a clay vessel, which must be carried out with a brush made from a special tree bark. Before laying the grape, ceramic qvevri fired with sulfur. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to participate in the preparation of the vessel, which is targeted to hold 75 liters of liquid. Maybe when we get back to this wonderful place, we’ll be able to try this wine.


It is a rich culture, revering customs and traditions very carefully. Here they like to recite the ancient saying that opening a bottle is like a small sunrise since all efforts put into production bring the Georgian wine history alive.
One of the most magnificent wines is called Qveris Mze and it is aged for more than 5 years. It is also made in qvevri vessel. This golden drink is quite young, floral notes to be felt, and it has a smooth finish that makes it special.
Another hallmark is Saperavi of the same year, but it is red and has a rich blueberry notes.
You can enjoy lunch and try the amazing taste of these drinks in Napareuli, a small village, which has become known for TWC. Here you also can spend a few hours or a few days in a cozy hotel.

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