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What do you usually first hear about Georgia? Of course, wine - is the first well-known attribute and apparent heritage. It is a georgian poetry and heartfelt song. It is the country soul and life spring. It’s one of the best things country generously share with all World!

We offer you a fine selection of the best wines from the country of Georgia - the oldest wine region in the world.

We are happy to share our recommendations as much as we enjoy our wines!

Tsinandali White dry wine

Tsinandali‘s wine, which is made of Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane grapes. They’re raised in Georgian wine growing regions called Telavi and Kvareli. The production of this Georgian white wine began in 1886. It’s also one of the oldest wines produced in Georgia.

This great wine‘s dry and has slightly pleasant straw tint. Its unique flavour is noticeable for delicate and fruity aroma. Together with lively acidity and incredibly refined taste, this wine from Georgia‘s become well-known.

Buy Georgian wine called Tsinandali to experience velvety fruity taste and to feel yourself refreshed in any time of the day. Tsinandali’s perfect choice for vegetable salads, white meat, fish and seafood dishes.

Saperavi Red dry wine

Saperavi is a quality and fine wine from Georgia. The production of it started in far 1886. It is created out of the best and hand picked grapes from the wine growing region Kakheti. Other grape varieties are often blended with it. Such great wine has a deep ruby tint and a unique flavor. Delicate and harmonious taste of this Georgian red wine is widely known for its complexity.

This wine produced in Georgia combines palatable aroma with coffee, vanilla, blackberry and cinnamon hints. You can also notice hints of liquorice and cassis in its classic taste.

Buy Georgian wine Saperavi to try its noble taste and tartness. The flavor of Saperavi perfectly compliments  various meat dishes such as stews and barbecues.

Saperavi Qvevri Red dry wine

Saperavi wine from Georgia is known for its tartness and complexity. It originates from the wine growing region Kakheti and made of the most carefully selected grapes. The name of qvevri wine came from the method of its production, which is traditional in Georgia. It is created in clay vessels called Kvevris.

This great wine is dry. It has a deep pomegranate color along with an extraordinary flavor bouquet. Georgian red wine will make you feel the hints of blueberries and ripe cornel. Its aftertaste is very long and pleasant.

Buy Georgian wine Saperavi Qvevri to experience harmonious and delicate taste with hints of fruits and flowers, tints of cherries and prunes.

The unique flavor of this wine made in Georgia perfectly goes with such dishes as veal stake, dried cheese and stuffed goose.

Rqatsiteli Qvevri White dry wine

Rkatsiteli is a well-known qvevri wine. Only hand-selected grapes are used to create a wonderful bouquet for this Georgian white wine. It is cultivated in the wine growing region Kakheti in Eastern Georgia.

Rkatsiteli wine making in Georgia has a color of dark gold. The unique flavor of such great wine is achieved with the help of special wine producing technology. It’s made in Kvevri, which are clay vessels. This traditional method is a part of UNESCO heritage, and has turned Rkatsiteli into one of popular wines from Georgia.

Buy Georgian wine Rkatsiteli to feel marvelous taste of light acidity with spicy hints. The aromas of dried apples, herbs, walnut and honey make the taste complex and bright.

Rkatsiteli perfectly matches aged cheeses, salads, seafood and boiled meat dishes.

Alazani Valley Red semi-sweet wine

Alazani valley red‘s old wine from Georgia created of several types of grapes, cultivated in wine growing regions in the east and west of the country. Varieties selected to make unique flavour of such great wine are Saperavi, Mudzhuretuli, Odzhalehsi and Alexandrouli. Production of such Georgian red wine began in 1977.

Alazani valley is noticeable for complexity and deep fruity bouquet. There are some tones of flowers, which add a bit of piquancy to aroma. Being one of popular wines making in Georgia, it has full, harmonic and velvety taste. Wine has light cherry color and refined balance of hints.

Buy Georgian wine Alazani valley as perfect pair for desserts, meat and game dishes.

Alazani Valley White semi-sweet wine

The unique flavour of Alazani valley white‘s been known since 1977. It’s created out of grapes types Rkatsiteli, Tetra and Tsolikauri, which are raised in wine growing regions in the east and west of Georgia.

Using outstanding experience in producing wine, winemakers of Alazani valley created truly wonderful aroma bouquet with hints of apple, honey and pear. Mild harmonic taste with tones of slight acidity, baked apples and candied fruits make this Georgian white wine complex and delicious.

Buy Georgian wine Alazani valley white to enjoy the light straw tint and the delicacy of the deep fruity characters in such a great wine.

Alazani valley wine from Georgia is a good match for seafood, desserts and cheese. The taste will be more distinct and bright if you serve the wine chilled.

Kindzmarauli Red semi-sweet wine

Kindzmarauli is another great wine created out of Saperavi variety of grape. Its vineyard is located in famous wine growing region in the province of Kakheti. Fine wine’s been made since 1942.

Unique flavour of this red wine from Georgia is reached because of special climate of place of cultivation. Being surrounded by mountains and rivers, it has very appropriate thermal conditions. Producing this wine, creators managed to get bright pomegranate tint and delightful mild taste.

Georgian red wine‘s notable for rich aroma with hints of berries and fruit. Taste’s extraordinary but harmonic. Kindzmarauli wine has a long finish with tones of black pepper. It possesses sweetness and tenacity.

Buy Georgian wine Kindzmarauli to blend with desserts, sweet dishes and mild cheese. It’s a good companion for meat as well.

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