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AG Global Trade LLC is a startup company that specializes in Georgian wine imports and wholesale in Florida. This overview will cover a snapshot of the company’s organizational structure followed by a survey of its products. As a fan of Georgian wine, it has been my dream for the last decade to make it more available in the U.S. and to share it with my friends.

Our mission is to provide unique world wines to American people

Georgian viniculture has been around for thousands of years – indeed, many archaeologists believe that Georgia is the birthplace of wine production, more than 7,000 years ago.  The word wine itself is derived from the Georgian word gvino (Georgian Wine Society). As a former republic of the Soviet Union, Georgian wine exports were limited to the Soviet Republics during the post-war and Cold War eras.  There have been many favorable political and cultural changes in Georgia over the last two decades, creating an opportunity to export one of Georgia’s most distinctive cultural legacies.
It is the goal of AG Global Trade LLC to make Georgian wine available to all the people in the USA, starting with Florida.

AG Global Trade LLC specializes in red, white and pink wines. Some of the more popular types of Georgian wine are the semi-sweet red wines are named Kindzmarauli and Khvanchkara, which date back more than 6,000 years BC.  In fact, professor and wine connoisseur David Keys has unearthed evidence of Georgian wine making dating back 8,000 years.  One of the distinguishing characteristics of Georgian wine is the specialized clay bottles that were used to store the wine in the ground.

Georgians still use the clay bottles for some of their wine production today, and AG Global Trade LLC intents to highlight this unique, historical packaging to appeal to collectors.

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