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Traditional “Old World” wines

If you ask a connoisseur of fine wines what “Old World” traditional wine means – you will hear a long and interesting story about the picturesque and hospitable country of Georgia.

Georgian red wine has been produced for thousands of years, and the country has a very long and rich culture of its production.

Kachetian way is one of the most popularly accepted.
Producers of this drink say that Georgian process makes it very natural. Various chemical additives to make taste more saturated aren’t used.
Georgia has revived this ancient method and is stirring interest around the world. UNESCO added the ancient traditional Georgian winemaking method, using the Kvevri (Qvevri) clay jars, to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage lists.

A variety of rich soil and favorable climate, from moderated to subtropical, have provided ideal conditions for the wine trade. Today more than five hundred various varietals of grapes are grown up in Georgia. Thirty eight grape varietals are officially approved and are used for commercial production of the alcoholic drinks. Local varietals prevail amongst them:

  • Saperavi,
  • Rqatsiteli,
  • Tsinandali,
  • Kindzmarauli,
  • Alazani Valley.

The most important region Georgian white wine production is Kakheti, located in the east part of the country on Alazani Valley. This is a remarkable place with mild climate, moderate temperatures and favorable humidity, on which the set of various grapes grows. Locals, who are called Kakhetians, are engaged in cultivation of this plant and celebrate a new harvest every year.

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