Wines of the World: Georgian Heritage

Wines of the World: Georgian Heritage

Wines of the World: Georgian Heritage

Wines of the World: Georgian Heritage

Every wine bottle boasts its own special history. This nectar has been glorified by world famous writers in myths and legends since the early times. It is reliably known that you should choose wine wisely, considering grapes variety, microclimate, time of cultivation, right soil, water quality and many other important viniculture factors. Top wines are definitely considered to be the works of art.

Prominent collectors bring their favorite wines of the world together to be uncorked in very special circumstances. It is widely believed that the most of good wine brands are vintage. The age of the drink determines the market price for it. The bottles of vintage wine, so-called the old world wine, are sold by auctions for extravagant money. What are the best aged wines in the world?

Wines from Georgia

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According to general wines review, a summarized opinion of wine experts and consumers, Georgia is considered to be the country of rich viniculture. This is a place with rich history, where the grape wines were cultivated for many years. There was time when ancient people of the South Caucasus discovered that particular way of transforming grape juice into excellent wine, keeping it in the pottery vessels under the ground to get needed fermentation. That method was developed and improved for more than 8000 years. Georgian wine heritage counts about 2000 sorts of grapes, attractive for viniculture. It is more than anywhere else!

Winemaking Specific

If you want to buy Georgian wine, it is better to do it right here – in Georgia. The country has many private wineries. Their owners sell grapes to large manufacturers that process it, making wine and bottling. This is what you usually call the new world wine technologies. In the meantime, Georgia is a country of the old world wine traditions – ancient recipes and technologies of producing Tsinandali, Badagoni, Akhasheni and other amazing drinks. Traditional home-made wine is world-popular drink that is able to compete with French and Italian sorts. It wins in quality and originality of the bouquet.

Georgian Brand

Georgian wine has been a real brand for a long time. Wine is a big part of Georgian culture and an important segment of the country economy. Modern methods of winemaking have replaced the traditional ones, making it a mass production industry. Most of wine makers in Georgia and out of the country know nothing about qvevri – one of great importance wine accessories (our handcrafted bottles) and wine traditions. Those who learned ancient viniculture methods deserve recognition. They are changing wine-making philosophy, returning to the traditional ways.

This is not secret that Georgian wine made with ancient recipes is so priceless that deserves the highest awards. It shows that ancient traditions are really important in the modern world. The function of the wine shop is discovering and reviving traditional winemaking methods

.To conclude, wine is not just a drink, but is a real work of art. The secret of it goes from generation to generation, from father to son. When visiting Georgia, do not miss out on trying out the local wine. One way or another, never miss your chance to feel the unique taste and rich fragrance of a drink. You are offered to taste different sorts of wine right here and right now.


  • by Kate Posted November 14, 2016 7:05 am

    Thank you guys for the opportunity not just to choose a preffered wine but also to get into history details. 
Very informative and useful website!! I will definitely be a reader of your blog and hope the news option is there soon. I am very interested in wine, winemaking, wine news etc. Wine is one of my favorite alcohol drinks, especially wine from the country of Georgia, it overwhelms with its combination of passion, love and charisma. 
Love your wine so muc,I am and your clients forever!!

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    This is very good and useful blog with a lot of interesting stuff. Also I like a lot taste of this wine. I will be your reader and I will be your customer with no doubt. Thanks you for what you are doing

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